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River Levels at 101.83 feet
River Levels at 101.83 feet
River Levels at 101.83 feet
River Levels at 101.83 feet
River Levels at 101.83 feet
River Levels at 101.83 feet
River Levels at 101.83 feet

As water rises, bridge work in the river ceases

Earlier this month, there were reasons for the contractors working on the new Hastings bridge to be optimistic. While predictions called for the possibility of significant flooding, the weather was cooperating and it looked possible that a devastating flood was going to be averted. That optimism was thrown out the window this week.


Lock and Dam in Hastings prepares for flood; crest now forecast at 20.8 feet

According to National Weather Service forecasts, the Mississippi River is expected to cross into the major flooding stage by this weekend. Predictions say the river will reach 20.8 feet by March 29. At 20.8 feet, portions of Lock and Dam Road will be under water, and those who work at the lock and dam will have to use an alternate route to get to work.

Flood preparations continue; sandbagging effort to take place in Hastings on Saturday

The City of Hastings and the Bless Hastings volunteer organization are coordinating efforts in preparation of the predicted spring flooding along the Mississippi River in Hastings.


Dan Carey, a former HHS baseball great, passes away

People in Hastings remember Dan Carey as one of the best athletes to ever come through the city. He helped the Raiders win a state championship in 1967 and was a first-round draft pick in the Major League Baseball draft. His colleagues at the University of St. Thomas remember Dr. Dan Carey as a leader in the field of health and human performance. His family remembers Dan Carey as a generous man who touched more lives than they could have ever imagined. The operative word here, unfortunately for all those involved, is “remembers.” Carey passed away early Saturday morning. He had a rare form of brain cancer.

Ski accident at Welch Ski Village kills one

A man died Wednesday afternoon after colliding with a post while skiing at Welch Ski and Snowboard Resort. George Conway, 65, La Crescent, Minn., was pronounced dead at the scene. A witness said he appeared to have lost control and ran into a pole that supports the chair lift.

National Weather Service issues flood watch

The National Weather Service has issued a flood watch for the Mississippi River near Hastings. As of 6 a.m. Friday, the stage was at 5.84 feet. Flood stage is at 15 feet. The alert suggested that the flood stage could be reached by the last weekend of March. Forecasts predict the water could rise to 14 feet by March 25.

Good news wrestling fans: Raiders to move sections

An ugly section realignment a few years ago for Hastings wrestling now looks much better.

Kwik Trip modifies plans for Hastings store

Kwik Trip modifies plans for Hastings store

There were plenty of concerns raised by residents around the corner of Highway 61 and County Road 46/47 after Kwik Trip presented its plans for a gas station and convenience store there.


Warm weather not good news for those watching Hastings flood levels

Warm weather conditions this week aren’t a guarantee of high water levels this spring, but they’re not easing fears of bad flooding either.

Suspect from America's Most Wanted found at library in Hastings

Suspect from America's Most Wanted found at library in Hastings

Few people in Hastings live closer to Pleasant Hill Library in Hastings than Alan Gaylor and his family. With the library literally across the street from their residence, his sons spend much of their free time at the library, and Saturday was no different. But in the afternoon, as his oldest son left the library, he noticed something he’d never seen before. Police officers. And lots of them. The officers were there to take a fugitive into custody and, within minutes, they’d done just that.


Hastings man dies in accident at recycling company

Hastings man dies in accident at recycling company

A Hastings man, Jack McCoy, 85, died tragically Thursday afternoon in an accident at a St. Paul recycling company.


Felony assault is charged following incident on Vermillion Street

Hastings Police have charged Eric John Sandquist, 32, Oakdale, with one count of felony domestic assault following a March 6 incident in the parking lot on the 1800 block of Vermillion Street.

Flood of 2011 could be Hastings' second-worst on record

In 2001, the Mississippi River reached a flood stage of about 22 feet. In 1997, it crested just nine inches lower. This year, National Weather Service predictions are already preparing Hastings for even higher waters.


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Editorial: A thank you to the resident who blew the whistle

We report stunning news this week that a fugitive from justice, sought for allegedly killing his girlfriend in 2008, was captured here Saturday. He was taken without incident at the Pleasant Hill Library.

Letter: Writer speaks up in support of Kwik Trip site

In my work, I travel throughout Minnesota and several other adjoining states. When traveling I always stop at Kwik Trip when I want a quick, freshly-prepared snack or lunch.

Letter: Kwik trip would be welcome

I have been following the saga of Kwik Trip in your paper with awe. I am amazed at the variety of opinions and relish reading them. Previously I read about the concerns of people living close to the proposed site. I can empathize with them but without sounding crude or cold-hearted, I wonder why they bought a home behind a long-time business area and now are unhappy when a new, cleaner and less unsightly enterprise will improve the area.


Dakota United heading to state tournament

Dakota United heading to state tournament

This Friday, the Dakota United Hawks will play their first games of the adaptive floor hockey State tournament. Both teams have earned the No. 1 seed in the South Division.


Raiders reach the end of the road

The 2010-11 Hastings boys basketball season concluded in Rochester last week, when the Raiders lost to the Mayo Spartans, 56-39, in the first round of the section tournament.


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